Black Swan funding


Decarbonising UK Freight Transport has £120,000 (£100,000 at 80% fEC) to award to ‘Black Swan’ projects. This funding will enable small projects or studies to inform the DUKFT network, and our wider stakeholders, of unexpected changes to the decarbonisation landscape that can impact investment on topics such as:


  • Policy e.g. impact on investments of a shift to 1.5 alignment for UK, strengthen alignment to 1.5 by UN, collapse of Paris Agreement
  • Energy e.g. CCS breakthrough, battery (performance/cost) breakthroughs, synthetic fuel breakthrough, major electricity or oil price movement (global and UK)
  • Brexit e.g. major restructure of global supply chains with key nodes in the UK, major shift in relevance of EU decarbonisation policy/initiatives


It is expected that the DUKFT network will fund 2-3 proposals between 2020 and 2022.


If you are interested in applying to the Black Swan fund, and for further information, please contact to discuss your proposal.


Due to the strategic emphasis of the Black Swan fund we are unable to accept unsolicited applications. In evaluating the proposals/applications, the review process for small research project funding will be followed.