We’re pleased to announce Decarbonising UK Freight Transport’s second round of small research project funding


As part of the EPSRC Decarbonising UK Freight Transport Network Plus award we have funding to award to small projects that will pave the way to larger funding awards in future.

In this second round we are looking to award funding to two successful applicants. £175,000 (£140,000 at 80% fEC) is available in total for both projects, with £100,000 (£80,000 at 80% fEC) for the research question from Themes 1 and 3, and £75,000 (£60,000 at 80% fEC) for the research question from Themes 4 and 5. The projects are expected to run for a maximum of six to nine months.


The deadline for applications is 16.00, Friday 7th May 2021.



12 April 2021: Call opens

7 May 2021: Call closes to applications at 16.00

25 May 2021: Funding decision announced

Mid June 2021: Project start date


Completed applications must be emailed to decarbonisingfreight@ucl.ac.uk by 16.00, Friday 7th May 2021.


Call documents

Call outline (PDF, 441KB)

Application form (DOCX, 783KB)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan (PDF, 664KB)

Frequently asked questions

Your responses to the sections in the application form must adhere to the stated word limits. This includes references and footnotes.

Graphs, charts and diagrams are not included in the word count, and can be included in the application form itself or in a separate clearly named document or pdf alongside your application.

If you have any other questions please contact us at decarbonisingfreight@ucl.ac.uk