A multidisciplinary research project focusing on decarbonising freight transport

Like energy and automotive before it, UK freight transport is now on the cusp of a socio-technical transition away from fossil fuel dependency. This transition will require major investment to fleet and infrastructure, cause disruption to assets and business models, and will trigger significant reconfiguration. Whilst the scaling up of fossil phase-out is most likely to occur from the 2030s onwards, the next 10 years of investments are critical to enabling the transition, and to mitigating transition risks to the “hard to abate” freight sectors, and by association UK trade.
Decarbonising UK Freight Transport is a network of forty academic and industry partners funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The network is exploring the questions that need to be answered in order to enable the decarbonisation of energy/propulsion across the road, rail, sea and air freight modes.

Investing in freight transport decarbonisation: Decision making and methods for evaluating opportunities and risks

Online event presenting and discussing the findings of the DUKFT Small Research Projects Wednesday 29th September, 1000 – 1130 BST   Register here   Pressure to invest in decarbonisation is growing rapidly. This is occurring domestically, with the launch of the UK’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan this summer, and also internationally, with pressure mounting on all…

Small Research Project funding call: Successful applications

Decarbonising UK Freight Transport (DUKFT) is pleased to announce the funding of two projects following the second round of our Small Research Project funding call. All the applications we received were of a very high standard, and these two projects have been determined to be best able to answer the research questions set by the…

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